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When to go from no-code to code ⌨️ (Startup Watching #240)

When to go from no-code to code ⌨️ (Startup Watching #240)
By Andrew Askins • Issue #240 • View online
Happy Thursday Watchers!
For the last year or so I’ve been trying to establish a daily writing habit. This was driven by two goals:
  • Become a better marketer
  • Find creative work that makes me feel fulfilled
Outside of this newsletter it has been a struggle (and sometimes including this newsletter, let’s be honest).
But then a few weeks ago I made a small change to my habit. Suddenly writing every day feels incredibly easy. It went from being a chore that I had to accomplish to something I enjoy doing.
What changed?
I started journaling instead of blogging.
Tons of people were suggesting this would be a good time to journal, if for no other reason than to document everything going on in the world. I already journaled sporadically, so I decided to make that my daily writing instead of blogging.
I love it. The lack of pressure is so freeing. I don’t have to worry about the writing being good enough, or long enough. I just write.
I’m hoping over time I can still parlay this into blog content somehow, but maybe not. Maybe this will just be a personal habit. I’ll let you know when I figure that out!
Cheers from Charleston ✌️
P.S. You’ll find a lot less corona-inspired content today. I’m starting to get tired of it, so figured it’s time to get back to normal categories (at least in part).

I loved seeing Jason’s answer to the question, “when should you consider transitioning from no-code to your own codebase.” Exciting to hear investors saying they want to invest in no-code startups.
Aaron asks...

"How do investors view no-code startups? At what point (Series A,B, etc.) should they transition to their own code base?"


Full episode 🎧:
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