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The Recession-Proof Playbook ☔️ (Startup Watching #252)

The Recession-Proof Playbook ☔️ (Startup Watching #252)
By Andrew Askins • Issue #252 • View online
Happy Thursday Watchers!
The last couple of months have been… hectic to say the least. Krit is taking up all of my time and energy right now, so I’ve been taking a break from Startup Watching for a little while.
I’m working on a big post about my experience two years in, and everything I’ve learned from buying and running the newsletter. I’m also working on some not super tiny changes that I hope to roll out soon that involve more original content from me and a new format.
But for now, I wanted to take a second to share an incredible piece of content my team spent the last 6 MONTHS working on:
Every few days I get hit with a wave of fear 😣 about what 2020 may still have in store for our business
  • What if the ripple effects of the virus are worse than we think?
  • What if spray tan refuses to leave office and starts a civil war?
So our team spent put together a playbook for how to thrive even if the worst of the recession is still ahead.
We interviewed 5 of the founders we most respect, who were all running or starting companies in 2008
  • Hiten Shah
  • Amy Hoy
  • Alex Hillman
  • Jason Resnick
  • Rand Fishkin
In the playbook we cover:
  • How much the economy really matters
  • 4 opportunities for startups in a recession
  • The number 1 way to de-risk your startup any time
  • How to take care of YOU
BOOKMARK this! Come back to it. It will make you feel better about the world. 
It makes me feel better, feel optimistic. 💪
Cheers from Charleston ✌️

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