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Tbh, titles are still important 🙊 (Startup Watching #251)

Tbh, titles are still important 🙊 (Startup Watching #251)
By Andrew Askins • Issue #251 • View online
Happy Friday Watchers!
Revue (the software I use to send the newsletter you’re reading right now) just released an overhaul of their analytics suite.
It includes a new measurement - engagement.
They measure engagement based on how often readers have opened your email over the last 10 emails.
I’ve been toying with whether to switch off of Revue for a while, but this is really exciting. To me, this is one of the best things they’ve ever done to help me understand and improve my newsletter.
I’ve included a screenshot of the Startup Watching numbers below in case your curious. The number of subscribers with no engagement hurts my soul a little bit, but I love seeing that we have 1733 engaged readers.
Thanks for opening and engaging!
Cheers from Charleston

This is a great list of what NOT to do. Brb, gotta remove “We don’t work with assholes” from our website. I SO agree about titles. As long as other companies care about them, they matter for your employees’ long term career success.
Jennifer Kim
People Ops/Org practices that sound good in theory but terrible in practice:

- no titles
- no managers
- unlimited PTO

what else?
We’re hiring again at Krit! We’re looking for a creative junior designer to join the team. I’m really excited because this is our first junior role and the first addition to our design team beyond my partner Austin. IMO Austin is one of the most talented UI designers in the Southeast, and this is an awesome opportunity to learn from him and grow with us.
This might also be our most viral job post yet.
Psssst 👋 we’re looking for a creative, user-focused junior designer to join our growing team at Krit!!

💸 Salary is $65,000 per year

🌴Remote team with a 🔍 transparent and 💜 supportive culture

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