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So. About that thing...

For those who missed my last email, we're working on a new project at Krit. We're writing the Technic
So. About that thing...
By Andrew Askins • Issue #188 • View online
For those who missed my last email, we’re working on a new project at Krit. We’re writing the Technical Hiring Handbook to teach non-technical founders how to vet and hire developers.
When you’ve never typed a line of code or been a developer, it’s hard to hire one. 
In your responses to my last email I heard problems like: 
  • Sourcing high-quality candidates from the start is a challenge
  • How do you hire a developer for a project/contract? 
  • If you give them a technical test, how do you grade their results?
  • How do you find folks that align with your business philosophies? 
  • How do you know just how non-technical you are?
  • How do you figure out their product building strengths and weaknesses?
We’re going to be teaching you all of that AND including 3 technical tests with rubrics. We’ll show you how to apply these tests and what to look for in the candidates’ answers so that you can identify the best developers without writing any code yourself or reading any of their code.
We used this same test and rubric to hire our last two developers, and we were taught the process by an engineering manager who has been hiring top talent for years.
All the details are up on the Krit website. If you’re building a technical team any time in the next few years, you’re definitely going to want to check it out
Oh, and we’re whipping up a little freebie for anyone who says they’re interested. 😉
Cheers from Charleston ✌️
P.S. Thanks to everyone who responded to the last email to give me feedback. I’m writing this for you and I want it to be as much yours as mine.
P.P.S. I’ll be back to regular newsletters next week. :) In the meantime, why don’t you check out what we’re up to?


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