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Project managers and... pizza arbitrage? 🍕 (Startup Watching #245)

Project managers and... pizza arbitrage? 🍕 (Startup Watching #245)
By Andrew Askins • Issue #245 • View online
Happy Thursday Watchers!
A year ago at Krit we thought about hiring a Project Manager. We talked to a lot of smart people who argued both sides.
Ultimately we decided not to. Instead we would empower developers to manage projects themselves. We created the concept of Project Leads, who would be responsible for development and managing their project.
It worked really well… for a while.
Because our developers were already in the weeds of the project, they knew what was going on. By talking directly to the clients there was no telephone being played.
But as we’ve grown Project Leads have had to juggle multiple projects. There’s now work that doesn’t fit neatly into a single project. Things have started slipping through the cracks.
So we’re doing two things:
  1. Improving our processes
  2. Hiring our first full time Project Manager
I’ve included the job post below which has way more info. If you’ve ever thought you might want to work at Krit, and love both organization and shaping new products, please give it a look!
We’re a transparent company with a super inclusive culture and we’re passionate about getting better all the time.
Cheers from Charleston ✌️

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