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How to get 36,282 readers with one post 🗒 (StartupWatching #134)

Happy Thursday Watchers, Let's talk about struggles today. It's easy to look around and feel like eve
How to get 36,282 readers with one post 🗒 (StartupWatching #134)
By Andrew Askins • Issue #134 • View online
Happy Thursday Watchers,
Let’s talk about struggles today. It’s easy to look around and feel like everything’s going great for everyone else. But the reality is being an entrepreneur is a struggle for all of us. So let’s peel back the blinds and talk about it.
Hit reply to this email and tell me, what’s the biggest thing you’re struggling with right now?
I’ll kick it off - I feel like I couldn’t consistently write blog posts even if you gave me a philly cheesesteak for every page view (I’m also doing a nutrition challenge and just watched a Buzzfeed Worth It video about cheesesteaks). I get out 1 or 2 a month right now, which is better than zero, but not enough to really help us grow Krit. So I end up constantly being mad at myself for not being more productive. 
What are you fighting with? If you’re cool with me sharing your response in the next newsletter, then include your twitter link. Maybe someone here can help!
Cheers from Charleston ✌️

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