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Foccacia recipes and how to raise $59 million (Startup Watching #232)

Happy Thursday Watchers! I've been thinking a lot about investing. I've thought about investing in a
Foccacia recipes and how to raise $59 million (Startup Watching #232)
By Andrew Askins • Issue #232 • View online
Happy Thursday Watchers!
I’ve been thinking a lot about investing.
I’ve thought about investing in a VA to help automate some of the things I want to do to grow Startup Watching. Or saving up to try to invest in a small, rental property - getting out of tech is really appealing in some ways.
I’ve also had moments where I think I should just do the normal thing and put every bit of excess money into a retirement fund. That would probably be the safest move.
But last night I went to a gymnastics class. I spent all night practicing to do a backflip, and a I had a blast.
What if I invested in something like that? What if I invested in learning a wacky new skill?
At first, it seems dumb. That’s not an investment, it’s just a hobby.
We think we know the right move all the time, that we’re brilliant strategists. But all too often, the biggest returns come where we least expect them.
Investing in a Roth IRA has obvious returns, but I think crazy life experiences have returns too. They give you stories. They make you interesting, enable you to think differently. They help you to cut through the noise.
Something to think about. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Cheers from Charleston ✌️

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