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Hey Startup Watching fam, I launched a podcast!

Hey friends,I know it's been a long time since you've heard from me. Last year Krit grew... a lot. And between that and the pandemic, I was struggling to stay afloat.So I decided to take a break from Startup Watching, and quit my role leading Startup Grind Ch…


The Recession-Proof Playbook ☔️ (Startup Watching #252)

Happy Thursday Watchers!The last couple of months have been... hectic to say the least. Krit is taking up all of my time and energy right now, so I've been taking a break from Startup Watching for a little while. I'm working on a big post about my experience …


Tbh, titles are still important 🙊 (Startup Watching #251)

Happy Friday Watchers!Revue (the software I use to send the newsletter you're reading right now) just released an overhaul of their analytics suite. It includes a new measurement - engagement.They measure engagement based on how often readers have opened your…


What it's like to be an IC at Stripe 💳 (Startup Watching #250)

Happy Thursday Watchers!In talking with my therapist I realized one of the things I've been struggling with at work is identifying my role and adapting for different situations.I often joke my job is to do whatever no one else wants to do. But as a founder at…


I'm... 🔥 (Startup Watching #249)

Happy Friday Watchers!I'm... burnt out.For the last several months I've known I was heading in this direction. I've felt really conflicted. On the one hand, I'm only at this point because I'm lucky enough that our business has grown during the pandemic. But o…


How to compete in an overcrowded market 🤼‍♂️ (Startup Watching #248)

Happy Friday Watchers!I learned a tough lesson this week.When you provide feedback to one of your direct reports, make sure you can provide specifics.If you can't, then you don't have enough information yet or your feedback is invalid. I gave some critical fe…


Zoom doesn't have product/market fit?? 🤯 (Startup Watching #247)

Happy Thursday Watchers!I took a break last week to let other voices speak and because, to be honest, I've been exhausted lately. But I'm back this week and I've got an awesome new sponsor! I'm partnering up with Bubble to share their awesome new No-code Boot…


Black lives matter 🖤 (Startup Watching #246)

I thought I was a good ally. When a friend called me out a couple years ago for not following enough women and people of color, I got so mad. I was a good ally, she knew my heart was in the right place, so why was she shaming me??Once the anger cooled, I real…


Project managers and... pizza arbitrage? 🍕 (Startup Watching #245)

Happy Thursday Watchers!A year ago at Krit we thought about hiring a Project Manager. We talked to a lot of smart people who argued both sides.Ultimately we decided not to. Instead we would empower developers to manage projects themselves. We created the conc…


How to get your first 1,000 users 🤝 (Startup Watching #244)

Happy Thursday Watchers!I had a wacky idea while writing this issue. Everyone has been talking about Cameo lately, the app that lets you hire minor celebrities to record short videos for you.This would be a great way to grab someone's attention in a cold emai…


The secret to being a prolific creator is right in front of you 👀 (Startup Watching #243)

Happy Thursday Watchers!I had an awesome experience with a new product today. I've been trying out the tool HypeFury.I really like the tool for a few reasons (this is not sponsored):It supports scheduling threads, which are where I've seen the most growth on …


We had our best Q1 ever, and then... 😬 (Startup Watching #242)

Happy Thursday Watchers!Last week my friend Laura wrote me a note that has been really helpful over the last few days. I want to share it with all of you."We’re all experiencing sustained trauma in mild or extreme ways right now.In the 'right now,' this trigg…


I promise this is the most fun newsletter you'll open all week 🙃(Startup Watching #241)

Happy Thursday Watchers!Two quick notes of business. First, today's issue has a lot more fun links than normal. Why? Well, I had a lot of fun things that I wanted to share with you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Second, we've got a really cool sponsor today. I've been trying to …


When to go from no-code to code ⌨️ (Startup Watching #240)

Happy Thursday Watchers!For the last year or so I've been trying to establish a daily writing habit. This was driven by two goals:Become a better marketerFind creative work that makes me feel fulfilledOutside of this newsletter it has been a struggle (and som…


Constraints don’t have to be constraining ⛓ (Startup Watching #239)

Happy Thursday Watchers!I have a request. I'd love to see a picture of where you are in the world right now. Pull out your phone, take a picture of whatever is in front of you, then hit reply and send it. Mine is at the bottom of the email.It's week 4 of quar…


WTF happened in 1971? 📉 (Startup Watching #238)

Happy Thursday Watchers!If you're running a small business of any kind in the US right now, I'd highly recommend looking into the loans being offered through the Paycheck Protection Program as part of the CARES Act. These loans are fully forgiven provided you…


Getting ahead by being inefficient 🚶‍♂️(Startup Watching #237)

Happy Tuesday Watchers!I'm sending out this week's issue a couple of days early. I've got a busy day on Wednesday, and I wanted you all to be able to make the StartEngine Founder Summit if you want. It's totally free and they'll be talking about raising capit…


One foot in front of the other 👣 (Startup Watching #236)

Happy Thursday Watchers!I wrote a small thing about how I'm feeling and what I'm think during this wild time. It's the featured link below.Feel free to skip it if all of the talk about the virus and economy is causing you too much anxiety. Now is a time to ta…


Why the coronavirus can’t sink cruise lines 🛳 (Startup Watching #235)

Happy Friday Watchers!It seems all anyone is talking about on Twitter right now is Covid-19 (the coronavirus). I'm trying to find be prepared without getting caught up in the fear and panic. It's super easy to see everything as doom and gloom.So in this issue…


From burning millions to profitability in 7 months 🔥(Startup Watching #234)

Happy Thursday Watchers!We're hiring at Krit right now, and I thought I'd share some stats from the process for anyone else who might be hiring developers. Here's everything I did to promote the job:Publish job post on Krit career siteSubmit to Diversify Tech…